ScentWorld Event

It is clear that sensory marketing works: consumer studies, brain science and years of practical use in business have made that abundantly clear. ScentWorld will show you how to use these highly effective strategies to increase sales, strengthen branding and improve ROI. ScentWorld is your induction into the fascinating world of scent and sensory marketing. This two-day event will give you all of the latest information, strategies, research and tools you need to understand, analyze and implement sensory components in your business. Learn how:
  • Major brands have successfully used scent and sensory marketing, and how customers have responded
  • How adding sensory input (scent, sound, texture, etc.) influences customer experience, satisfaction, perception and behavior
  • To analyze your brand for various sensory attributes, and discover how you can improve your results through activating various senses in customer interactions
  • The design of your building or space can enhance the senses for a better working environment and customer experience
  • To effectively deploy scent and sensory marketing in current real world situations
You will also have a chance to interact with and be inspired by a dynamic exhibition area where top global companies demonstrate their expertise, technology and solutions.
  • Meet companies that can provide you with the best sensory marketing solutions, products and services
  • Connect with people who can help your business and career
  • Develop important leads, sources and contacts
  • Discover the most innovative companies in the field (the recipients of the coveted SMItty awards

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