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Media Coverage

ScentWorld's Annual Marketing Conference, Beauty Fashion magazine

ScentWorld 2014, Cosmetic World magazine

Tips That Make Sense: Boosting Sales with the Right Aroma, Lightspeed blog

Interview with Bill Moller, First Business, a syndicated television show broadcast on 70+ stations in the US

"For Branding, Many Places Adopt Signature Scents" by

"Scent of a Hotel - Part 1",
By L. Aruna Dhir Lucky Aruna

"Awakening the Senses" Marketing Week

"Want a Great Looking Apartment? Don't Forget About the Scent" Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Smell The Love: How The Scent Of A Brand Creates Close Connections With Customers" Fast Company

"Why You Need a Scent Logo" Neurmarketing blog

"Scent Sparks Repeat Bookings" Canadian Lodging News

"Coming to Our Senses: How Scent Can Enrich Our Lives" ScentSciences blog

"Using the Power of Scent to Drive Retail Sales" (in Portuguese) Aroma Essencial blog

"The Greatest Smelling Convention Ever?" Charlotte Observer

"6 Scents That Can Transform Your Mood and Productivity" Entrepreneur

"The Rise of Aroma Marketing" Choice

"The New Muzak: Scent Marketing" Smart Money magazine

"The Secret Weapon Luxe Hotels Use to Lure Guests In" Forbes

“Something in the Air”, Robert Klara, AdWeek

"New Fragrance Bottles Miami" Ocean Drive magazine

“The Psychology of Scent” Interview with Rachel Herz at ScentWorld WLRN

“Miami Gets Its Own Official Smell” WLRN Conversations

“Miami Gets Its Own Official Smell” Miami Herald, front page

“Scent Makers Sweeten the Smell of Commerce” Reuters

PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) Convene Magazine February 2012 issue, p 24-25

“Sensory Marketing: What’s Next” Hospitality Net 

Ocean Drive magazine “Miami, Bottled”

 “Smells Like Miami: Marketers Develop City Scent” American Marketing Association’s Marketing News Exclusives -pdf available upon request

“The Scent of an Event” Ignite Magazine (incentives and meetings publication, Canada) – pdf available upon request

Radio interview, Alan Coombs, Astral Radio London, “London in the Afternoon” radio show – mp3 available available upon request

D la Repubblica (magazine in Italy)

Miljonet magazine

MG3K publications (Mobile Monday, Assodigitale, Lumu Invest and Nokia Beta)

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